Busy Ant Maths

Busy Ant Maths is a flexible whole school mathematics course that provides complete coverage of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics. It ensures conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency from the start.9fd6e750-9d84-44e1-9248-c0959b522e10 copy

Busy Ant Maths …

  • Inspires enjoyment of maths
  • Assists in developing children’s conceptual understanding of maths
  • Helps raise levels of attainment for every child
  • Provides a cohesive programme of study of the primary maths curriculum, while at the same time allowing for schools’ own curriculum design
  • Has assessment at the heart and start embedding best practice across the school
  • Promotes the most effective pedagogical methods in the teaching of mathematics
  • Offers manageable strategies for effective diagnostic and summative assessment, to inform planning and teaching
  • Strengthens the home/school link

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